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    Connect developers and technical experts through this forum requires an all-encompassing database.

    Here is a practice space, where developers can Input/Output data/tools.

    Its construction is at the heart of Sense-Hub project and the following aspects are crucial.

    • auditory enhancement for communication, protection, improve situational awareness with real-time risk alerts., spatial perception, location and navigation, speech recognition
    • Viual enhancements to imaging, sight, and situational awareness, semantic and structural identidication
    • Achieve state-of-the-art results on challenging computer vision problems such as image classification, object detection, and face recognition. … Real-world projects: detect objects, recognize faces, more.
    • Feedback response for AR and a computer generated somatosensory system through haptic technology.
    • Sense library for web-terminal navigation through haptic suit and gloves, As an interface to allow displaying Web-Based senses to users. This can be used for implementing streaming applications.

    In practice it often happens that no data is available at the level of detail we desire but instead we only possess aggregate information

    Publishing your data can allow people who might not have otherwise been well-informed enough about your project, to have a say – Sharing, in the sense of publishing open data, is an increasing trend.

    Sharing can also have unintended consequences, however. Once data is published, it’s impossible to anticipate how it might be shared further, and once it’s out in the open, there’s no telling how it will be adopted, re-purposed and re-used for any number of purposes. These might be positive purposes, finding uses for your data that you had never imagined yourself.

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